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Kanuckistan BLASTO
Theme Camp from Alberta, Canada at  Burning Man  2015

Please  email root[at]kanuckistan[dot]ca
for more information.

Camp registration now open.

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camp fee tier structure (in US dollar funds) per person.

The public interactivity centre piece this year is the BLASTO  laser blaster shooting gallery .

(No lasers or projectiles; Miles Tag IR beam system, blow-back carbine, propane fireball effect.)

Xeni Cup 2015
Thursday, 2 to 3 PM
near Center Camp & LamplightersCamp

12th Annual Street Hockey Game
Gear will be provided (if you have a favourite stick, bring it)
Bring cold beer
The Most Excellent Xeni Jardin is the Governor-General of Kanuckistan, most glourious nation.

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